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St. Rita is a vibrant community that is committed to loving God and serving all diverse members of our Parish Community. St Rita’s campus is in continual need of improvements to maintain the quality of all our facilities, including:  the Sanctuary, the School, the Athletics Complex, the Parish Meeting Spaces (including Casper Center) and Campus Grounds. Our commitment to serving God and one another will drive us to continue to develop and maximize the use of these facilities and build our membership as we move toward our Centennial Celebration in 2021.

Historical Background

Since 1921, St. Rita’s ministries have been able to provide a spiritual home for the community. From our onset as a one room church, the current Casper Center location, to a vibrant and multi-facility campus, St. Rita has always had its eye on developing for the future. St. Rita School was founded in 1928 with the mission of providing top quality academics as well as spiritual formation for the youth of St. Rita. We continue to seek the leadership of tomorrow through our intentional, focused and high level education for today. The School Staff, made up of highly qualified leadership and teachers work to create a stable and strong environment with the mission to educate our students and prepare them for the 21st Century. With a rich blend of social, spiritual, educational, economic, and cultural diversity, St. Rita Catholic Community is excited about our history and look forward to the next century as we prepare for our move toward Vision 2021.

Our Community Needs

The single biggest challenge of an organization of St. Rita’s size is to maintain the quality of services while looking to improve facilities to not only maintain operations of all facilities, but to look forward to needs for the next century. St. Rita’s last major facility upgrades took place in 2001. The interior and the exterior of the Sanctuary were the focus of this capital project. The most recent addition to the Sanctuary building took place in 2013 with the addition of the extended Narthex, the new Steeple and the addition of much needed storage spaces. These improvements were made possible through the Building a Future of Hope Campaign in conjunction with the Archdiocese.

We have determined that the next round of Capital Improvements need to focus on the following Immediate Need items:

  • The roofs for the Sanctuary, the Casper Center and the School building are all over 20 years old (last updated in 1995) and are in dire need to be replaced.

  • The lighting of our parking lots is in need of upgrade.

  • A Security Monitoring System will add an increased level of security as our campus is in use all hours of the day on every day of the week. This system will add a level of protection for buildings, cars and young and old as they make use of our campus.

  • We need to complete the repaving of campus grounds. This project began in 2016, but has two additional phases that need to be completed in order to bring the campus grounds up to date.

  • A two sided LED Sign in the front of the campus will work to greatly enhance our visibility and will afford us an efficient method to communicate the happenings to perspective new and returning members.

  • The School’s and Sanctuary’s HVAC systems need to be replaced. The current Air Systems are out of code and cannot adequately cool the building spaces. There are a total of 10 units that will have to be replaced.

While these are the immediate needs that we will address with our Vision 2021 Capital Campaign, there will be a long term need to upgrade our school building and meeting space facilities. The school is very near capacity (St. Rita has shown the largest percentage growth for the 2016-17 school year of any Louisville Catholic Elementary School). Consideration of the following will be addressed in upcoming Capital Campaigns discussions.

  • The Knights of Columbus portables are very near the end of their productive use. Demolition and removal of the Knights’ portables will create new campus space for future growth.

  • The Convent Building is in need of intensive remodeling or demolition and removal.

  • The school cafeteria space will need to be updated to keep it up to code.  The update will meet the need of our growing school population.

Proposed Solutions and Costs

In conjunction with the St. Rita Finance Committee, Parish Council, one on one interviews, electronic, and paper and pencil surveys with a sample of perspective stake holders, it has been determined a Capital Campaign will be the most effective way of addressing the cost of our mounting upgrades and repairs.

The Campaign will be conducted in two phases.

  1. Phase One will work to address our Immediate Community Needs with a target completion date of all work prior to our Centennial Anniversary (2021). It is expected that the work will begin on the projects during 2017.
    Anticipated Cost: $500,000- $600,000
  2. Phase Two will address the long term needs and will require additional study and discussion before entering into these.


The St. Rita Catholic Community has been a growing and vibrant Community of Faith for the last 96 years. It is our goal to complete the immediate needs in order to prepare us to enter the Vision 2021 Centennial Celebration. With the help of our rich blend of social, spiritual, educational, economic, and cultural diversity, the St. Rita Catholic Community is excited about our history and look forward to the next century as we prepare for our move toward Vision 2021.


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