A Letter from Fr. Joe

January 26, 2017

Dear Fellow Parishioner,

As I sit in my office I can glimpse the corner of the drag bucket that was used in the first efforts to build the first church here, what is now the Casper Center. I can’t tell you how many times in the past 12 years I have stopped and said a little prayer gazing at this and how glad I am it is still here.

It represents the first efforts a century ago of the building and laying the foundation of our parish. I pray for all those people who had the vision, faith and determination to begin this great endeavor we call St Rita Church.

The foundation is not just the little bit of concrete and wood under the old church. The foundation is that vision and commitment the pioneers had to pass on their faith to future generations. I wonder what they would say if they could see us now? The parking lot is nearly always full, with what is happening in the church, the gym, the school, Casper Center and in the Esperanza. Programs from sports to baptismal preparation. There are many ways to pass on the heritage to future parishioners.

Now it is our turn. This property which we enjoy needs our care. As we look forward to our centennial celebration in 2021 we would like to have things in good shape for the next 100 years and the people who will follow us.

As we use the property constantly we need to finish the parking lot, new heating and air-conditioning units, tuck pointing the buildings and replace the roofs on buildings and upgrade lighting.

Also we heard in the surveys that the parishioners would like better communication. So we launching a new web site and will have a new sign in front with constant changeable information regarding the many activities and where the events are taking place on the property.

This will involve the commitment of every community member if it is to be successful. No matter how small or large your monetary commitment, please know that every penny counts.

In Christ,

Fr. Joe Rankin







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