Service Committee

This committee consists of Stewardship-Adult Ed, Bereavement, St. Vincent DePaul, Clerical-Data Entry Support, and Phone Calling.

Stewardship - Adult Ed Committee

This committee strives to involve members of the parish to participate by sharing time and God-given talents with fellow parishioners in building a solid foundation. By offering their gifts, parishioners are able to affirm the belief that what one is and what one does really makes a difference. They also plan education programs, training and workshops for parishioners.


This committee reaches out with love and support at the time of a death of a parishioner. A team works with the families and the priest in planning meaningful liturgies for the Mass of Christian Burial. Volunteers are asked to contribute in their own special way by preparing and/or delivering food, attending Vigil Prayer Services at funeral home and by preparing/mailing sympathy cards to the families.

St. Vincent DePaul

This group makes home visits and assists individuals and families with such needs as food, medical expenses, utility bills, and rent. They provide volunteers for the open-hand kitchen, which serves hot meals to the needy and to the South East Helping Hands Center in the distribution of food. They collect donated items for the St. Vincent DePaul Store.

Clerical - Data Entry Support

This committee will provide parish committees both clerical and data entry support. Data entry support includes typing up communication and newsletters for various committees. Clerical support includes sorting and organizing the receipt of Stewardship forms, collating documents, assisting committees with special mailing projects, etc.

Phone Calling

This group of parishioners willingly volunteers their time to relay information by phone. They currently handle the follow-up on returned Stewardship forms, remind members topick-up changes for the parish picnic and other events occurring in our parish throughout the year.

Online Giving

Online Giving

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